Warm Weather Waxing

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With the unusually warm weather and wet snow we’ve been having in Jackson, you may have noticed that your skis are not gliding as well as they did when the temps were in the 20′s or colder. The reason is the higher water content in the snow. This moisture creates a greater film of water between the ski and snow during a ski’s gliding phase.

1. Use a Warm Glide Wax

There are several different kinds of waxes out there. Some are all-temperature or universal waxes, while others are temperature specific waxes. Universal waxes are designed to work well in any temperature or snow conditions, which is helpful if temperatures vary a lot where you ski. However, since this warm weather has been fairly consistent, you may benefit from putting on a temperature specific wax to increase performance. Wax is available in Hydrocarbon, Low-Fluorocarbon (LF) and High-Fluorocarbon (HF) versions. The more fluorocarbons in the wax, the more hydrophobic or water-wicking the wax will be. When the snow is wet like it is now, wax with fluorocarbons can dramatically increase your ability to glide. However, the more fluorocarbons in your wax, the more expensive it will be. For recreational use, hydrocarbon or LF waxes will do the trick. For those more competition-oriented, HF is worth the purchase in wet conditions.

2. Apply Hand Structure

A hand grind can be used in wet snow conditions to put in a temporary imprint in the base structure of the ski. When the water content is high, additional structure will allow the water to channel off the base of the ski, freeing it to glide as it should.Hand structure can be applied using a specific tool that uses different rollers based on snow conditions. The yellow roller is for warm conditions, Red for , and Blue for cold. To apply, use gentle pressure at the tip, the most force under the camber and then taper and the tale. Do one or two times per ski. Don’t want to do it yourself? Come on in to Skinny Skis. Our shop techs can prep your skis perfectly for any condition. We offer hand grinds too for only $5!

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